The friendly and relaxed environment at St Peter's pre-school supports children who may have additional needs or SEND. We have large double doors and ramps making our building wheelchair accessible as well as a disabled toilet. The areas are kept clear of clutter to give a feeling of space and help visually impaired children and the organised environment helps to reduce over stimulated minds. Excellent behaviour is encouraged through adults modelling and children are encouraged to learn and communicate independently with their peers and resolve issues with each other before there is adult intervention. If required we can provide 1:1 support  and should further support be required beyond preschool, our special needs coordinator will seek advice via West Berkshire Early years Support Team and/or other appropriate pathways supported by them.

If your child has additional needs or learning difficulties, we are always flexible in our approach. We work closely with parents to create support plans and always invite them in to discuss progress and ask for feedback. If something does not work, we look for other solutions and the pre-school will seek additional services, advice and resources to support a child's development. We will do regular assessments to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children, communicating with both parents and professionals and following our ethos of working as a team.

Our Pre- school Supervisor Tina is our SENCo and has over 10 years experience in this field. Tina's credentials include ASD, Speech and Language, basic Makaton, Positive Behaviour, and Propioception training.

Special Educational Needs 

School Transition Support

When your child moves on to a new setting or school, our special needs coordinator and the rest of our staff will work with your child to prepare them for it. We will talk with your child about the change, how they feel and what they have to look forward to. The special needs coordinator will communicate directly with the special needs coordinator at the new school and ensure that they receive all relevant reports. She will also ring the school to discuss your child with the relevant members of staff including the headteacher. We contact every receiving school to invite the new teacher to visit our setting and meet your child. Visits to the local primary school (Bradfield C of E Primary) are organised during the year. If necessary, extra visits will be organised to help make the transition easy with our special needs coordinator joining your child. Once the child is established in the new setting or school we will ring up to check on progress.